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Are you still carrying a pen and a paper everywhere you go? This is the 21st century and we are going digital. Keeping that mind, it is time you take your note taking processes up a notch. The Notebook- Text & Voice Note app is the perfect place to jolt down notes, plan and organize your life, and even make take notes for meetings or for school. This app helps add pictures, voice notes, and even is color discriminated to set the priority. What is best is that you can use this offline as well as online.

Problem Statement

Carrying a paper and pen to write something important and then losing it is the worst thing ever.
There has to be a better alternate.


The Notebook- Text & Voice Note app is the solution to taking all notes.The Notebook- Text & Voice Note app is the solution to taking all notes.

Jolt down

No matter where you are or for what you need to take notes. Take out your smartphone and let your notes be in the Notebook- Text & Voice Note app. This app allows you to take quick notes for remembering. It helps save the date and time so you can always remember the important things.


Are you still carrying your yearly planner? Move over old style planning, switch to the Notebook- Text & Voice Note. This app allows you to manage your daily planning, scheduling, and even organizing. Use this app to color code your priorities for a day or manage different aspects of your life.

Voice notes

The Notebook- Text & Voice Note app is more than just about writing notes. You can save voice notes on it as well. Don’t have time to write stuff down? Just record it and listen to it whenever you find convenient. This allows you to never miss a detail of your life.

Add images

To make the Notebook- Text & Voice Note better, there is a feature to add image. Take notes and add important images to make your life more settled. No need to work hard to remember a memory when you can just see it in your notebook planner.


Make life easier with the Notebook- Text & Voice Note app.
Use your phone everywhere you go for all that you want to achieve in a day.

  • Figma

  • Android Studio

  • Google ML Kit

  • Firebase

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any queries? We have answered the most asked ones below.
If you have still got any more, feel free to reach out to us.

  • Q1. Is the notebook app paid?

    A. No, the Notebook- Text & Voice Note app is not paid. You simply have to download it and begin using it with all its exceptional features.

  • Q2. Is the app online only?

    A. No, the Notebook- Text & Voice Note works well offline as it does online.

  • Q3. Can I share notes?

    A. Yes, the app allows you to share notes on several platforms.

  • Q4. Is the app password protected?

    A. No, this app is not password protected.

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