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Did you lose that favorite photo of yours that was on the phone? Or did you think of an event you didn't know you had pictures of? Our phone stores all the data through the cache or in the memory. Sometimes you may lose pictures that you thought you once had. Not anymore! With the 100s of unseen photos app, you can find hundreds of images you thought you did not have on your phone. Lost pictures, old pictures, and pictures you never knew you had. Please discover a new world of your photos and save them on your phone forever!

Problem Statement

Our phone has a lot of data. Every day, we keep filling it up with more data we store.
Sometimes in the cleaning up process, we lose those precious memories.
Other times, there are images we need, and we don't have them.


100s of unseen photos is an app that digs deep into the bunch of data
on your phone and finds priceless images, including the ones that you might have deleted.

Find photos drowned under data

Every time you move, grab a screenshot, or take a picture for your Instagram or Snapchat story, you add to your phone's data. While the phone has room, it may usually bury the old data in big piles. Result? You may lose your precious pictures. 100s of unseen photos allow you to scan your phone deeply to find the unseen images in your phone.

Deleted photos

Have you deleted a precious memory accidentally? Gone are the days when you sit and cry over deleted and cherished memories. Use the deep scan option in the 100s of unseen photos app to find the oldest deleted photos. The deep scan searches the cache for the images so you can save them in your drive or cloud again.

Restore images

Find pictures in hidden parts of the phone or even find deleted images through the 100s of unseen photos app. Then select the pictures that you want to keep and simply restore them to your phone in a new folder. Save them in your drive/cloud, print them out, or transfer them. You have another chance to savor them for the rest of your life.


Let 100s of unseen photos app dig deep into your phone to find the images that
you thought you could never see again

  • Figma

  • Android Studio

  • Google ML Kit

  • Firebase

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